Today we’re happy to announce that after months of development, our PRESTO card app (Presto Card Checker) has now been officially released.


The app features the ability to check your PRESTO cards’ balances, transaction history, and any passes that you have loaded onto your card. The app also features an NFC quick-open feature that allows you to check the balance on your card just by tapping your card against your phone. (This requires a NFC-capable device).


The app can also be configured to send you alerts for when a card’s balance has gone below a set amount.


We hope that this app will make it easier to manage your PRESTO cards and ensure that you’ll always have enough on your card to travel.


The app is available for Android on the Google Play Store and will be coming to iOS in the near future.

Route 613

It looks like things have gotten a little derailed since last year.

To put things as simple as possible, CityKey has been shelved for the time being while we focus on other smaller projects in the meantime.


So, since the last update we’ve published an android app for the Ottawa region called Route 613!

device-2016-08-07-232311 Route 613 allows users of OC Transpo to easily and quickly check when their bus is coming as well as get the latest service updates from OC Transpo.


This post is being posted quite a while after the actual release of the app, and actually is closer to the first major update than the actual release. Within the next week, the update will be available for all users, so in the meantime go download the app and try it out!

The Launch Post

Hello everyone (aka no one yet)!


Welcome to the Llamabagel blog, the Llamabagel team will be sharing updates on the progress of our projects here, such as our first project, CityKey!

We’ve been working on CityKey since April and things are coming along pretty nicely…

In-engine shotIsn’t the sky nice?

The sky we are using is the Ultra Dynamic Sky which is available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.


In the next few months, we’ll be updating our blog with our progress on CityKey, and other stuff too. So, if you’re interested, keep checking our blog for the latest news from Llamabagel!