Update #1

So, I’m thinking about posting updates maybe weekly or biweekly depending on what’s going on.


So, what’s going on with the game? Well, the breakdown of what’s currently in the game is:



Roads can be built. However the limitations of roads at the moment are that they can only be straight (a limitation of ue4, but the required feature is in the new version). They don’t have sidewalks, trees, or other little details yet, but I plan on adding those after curved roads. (Which should be in the next few months).


The buildings are still very primitive. They’re a simple model based off of a cube I made in Blender with lame materials slapped on. You can snap them along roads and that’s about it.

Wind Turbines

Strangely, one of the first things I added were wind turbines. They just have spinning blades and flashing lights. That’s all.



The latest thing I added was some basic zoning functionality. Like in other city simulation games, you can zone road sides by painting. There are currently just 4 zones (none, residential, commercial, and industrial) but more will be added later.

Now, as for things that I plan on adding next:


Save game

Something I am currently working on, which is the ability to save your city. (should make taking screenshots easier)


This one should be a really big challenge. Dynamic terrain in UE4! I’m the most scared about this since it will be a very large undertaking. Chances are it’ll use UE4’s procedural mesh components, or something.



And that’s what’s happening with the game at the moment.


EDIT: New new update to UE4 was just released which means curved roads should be a thing pretty soon!


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